Friday, 19 August 2011

Week 2: My Dad takes a complete U-Turn!

We’re into the second week of selling everything we own to fund buying the van we are going to live in for a year. The fund is mounting up nicely £340.43 and I must admit we’re still not putting 100% effort in yet, but if we want to be in the van by the end of October we need to make selling ‘stuff’ our full time hobby. Next week we’re going to concentrate on selling items from the kitchen which to be honest even if we were staying in a house we could probably live without. I mean just how will we manage without two sets of weighing scales, a smoothie maker and a slow cooker; our life will surely have no meaning. I am really looking forward to cooking on a little 2 ring camping stove with grill and using the campervan cook book we got for Christmas last year.

We are only telling our very close family about our (some may say) crazy plan. We told my Dad earlier on in the week over the phone who was all gung ho and thought it was a top idea. We told my fella’s Mum on Wednesday who also thought it was great, however I do think she thinks we are becoming Gypsies/Travellers forever! It was really good to have some positive comments from our parents because even though I am not far from the big three zero I do still like approval from my Dad!

I called my Dad yesterday just for a general chit chat and I was stuck on the phone for almost an hour as he has now taken a complete U-turn and thinks we are crazy. He had to ask at least 5 times if: 
  • We had both been fired.
  • We were in serious debt.
  • The police were after us.
After reassuring him none of these terrible things had happened and that we were choosing this new lifestyle and not being forced into it, he allayed his next set of fears. Why on earth were we starting this in October, in winter when we could start in spring? He didn’t want to be seeing a news story where a young couple and 2 dogs have been found frozen to death in a transit van! I explained to him that firstly we are not complete numpties, but also the first thing we will be doing is insulating the van and also we are going to have portable gas heater (and safety first a Carbon Monoxide detector). 

He is still not convinced. He is worried about hygiene – I can shower at the gym and my other half at work, toileting – there will be public toilets nearby some of the places we will park  and I am investing in a SheWee and a trowel and what about television won’t we be bored – I don’t think so we’ll get a radio, I love reading and playing games. Back to basics for’s only for a year...think about the money!

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